About us

"Izvor - P" Ltd. was founded in 2002 town Panagiuriste, Bulgaria, as a private company.

Initially, the company is engaged in manufacturing sewing clothing from which 95% is exported to France.

In 2005 the production of covers for airbags for the automotive industry.

In 2007 the company expanded its operations by opening a workshop for the manufacture of welded steel structures. The main part of production are articles for The Agricultural equipment, primarily for the German market.

In 2010, with the formation of a new section of track and test facility started production of cranes.

Since 2011, as part of the production already and fender systems that are exported for Europeane and International seaports.

The main customers of the "Izvor - P" Ltd. are international companies well-established in the European and world market.

"Izvor - P" Ltd. possesses the experience, potential and available capacity to meet the specific requirements of current and future customers.

"Izvor - P" Ltd. has a quality certificate ISO 9001:2008,ISO 3834-2,EN1090-2EXC2